Pedro Poveda Castroverde

St. Pedro Poveda Castroverde – (1874-1936)
Priest and Martyr
July 28th

Pedro Poveda Castroverde

Born December 3rd, 1874 at Linares, Spain and raised in a pious family, he felt an early call to the priesthood. He entered the seminary in Jaen in 1889, then the seminary of Guadix, Grenada. Ordained on April 17th, 1897, taught at the seminary, continued his studies, and received his licentiate in theology in Seville in 1900. He ministered in Guadix to a group of people so poor they lived in caves. He built a school for the children, and provided vocation training to the adults.

He was transferred to Madrid, and was named a canon of the Basilica of Covadonga, Asturius in 1906. His time in Guadix had impressed Pedro with the need for education for the poor. He prayed on the topic, and wrote on the need for professional training for teachers. In 1911 Pedro founded the Saint Teresa of Avila Academy, the foundation of Institución Teresiana. He joined the Apostolic Union of Secular Priests in 1912, wrote on the need for more teachers, and opened teacher training centers. He returned to teaching at the seminary at Jaen, served as spiritual director of Los Operarios Catechetical Centre, and taught religion at the Teachers Training School. In 1914 he opened Spain’s first university residence for women in Madrid. In 1921 he was transferred to Madrid and was appointed a chaplain of the Royal Palace. In 1922 he was appointed to the Central Board Against Illiteracy, and he continued to work with the Teresian Association; it received papal approval in 1924, and later spread to Chile and Italy.

He was shot by firing squad during the Spanish Revolution on July 28th, 1936 at Madrid, Spain. He was beatified on October 10th, 1993 and canonized on May 4th, 2003, both by Pope John Paul II.

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3 Responses to Pedro Poveda Castroverde

  1. The Pilgrim Soul says:

    St. Pedro Poveda is the founder of Teresian Association and if you’re going to read the whole story/biography of this holy man, you will really get inspired because he was able to brought the church to the poor of Guadix (Gypsies) whom that time is being neglected by the local authorities and even the church. One of those Gypsies commented…”I like him because he brought dignity into my life which I never had before.” Because of his success in bringing the church to the poor of Guadix, envy arouse and somebody spread bad rumors about him which led him to withdraw his post in the said place. With a broken heart, he went to the northern part of Spain (Covadonga) where he’s been given inspiration and set the foundation of the Teresian Association.

    St. Pedro Poveda, help us to imitate the same sensitivity and care you have for the out caste of the society. Teach us to really love Jesus by our humble witnessing to the Gospel. Amen.

  2. Robert says:

    I am a teacher. Living in Los Angeles, California, I had never heard of Covadonga; I first learned about it, in fact, after reading about Pedro Poveda. Subsequently, I spent last summer in Asturias on a working/writing retreat. I was guided to Covadonga by a set of ‘coincidences’ that could only have been orchestrated. I am confident Pedro was behind it, particularly because, after a few miss-planned attempts to visit the shrine, my arrival at the Holy Cave (quite unintentionally) was on his feast day. I am currently seeking his intercession for help in my profession. St. Pedro – Pray for Us!

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