Andrew Corsini

St. Andrew Corsini (1302 – 1373) – Bishop
Feast Day – January 9th  

 St. Andrew Corsini (1302-1373)

St. Andrew Corsini (1302-1373)

St. Andrew Corsini was born in Florence on November 30th, 1302 in Florence Italy into the noble Corsini family.  His birth was a special answer to prayer, and his parents vowed him to the Blessed Virgin Mary.  When his mother was late in the pregnancy, she dreamt that she brought forth a wolf, which ran to the Carmelite Church and was changed into a lamb as soon as it reached the porch.  Andrew was brought up in godliness and education, but was a wild youth.  In 1318 at the age of 15, after learning of his mother’s dream during her pregnancy, he repented and went to the altar in the church where his parents had vowed him to the Blessed Virgin.  There he prayed to the Blessed Virgin with tears and then went to beg admission to the Carmelite Order. 

  He was ordained in 1328 and studied in Paris and Avignon and on his return became the Apostle of Florence, and in 1348 Prior of his convent in Tuscany.  He was consecrated Bishop of Fiesole (near Florence) in 1360.  He was also named papal nuncio to Bologna.  He was noted as a peacemaker between quarreling Italian houses, and had the gifts of prophecy and miracles.  He spent vast sums of money in the construction and restructuring of monasteries, churches and chapels, and above all in the cathedral and the Episcopal residence which had been in a state of ruin for centuries.

  While celebrating midnight Mass on Christmas in 1372, at the age of 71, the Blessed Virgin appeared to him and told him he would leave this world on the Feast of the Epiphany.  He indeed died on this Feast Day, January 6th, 1373 in Fiesole Italy.  So many miracles took place at his death that Pope Eugenius IV permitted the immediate opening of his cause.  Twelve years after his death, his body was found incorrupt, and moved in a monument in the church of Carmel which was destroyed by fire in 1771 (though his body was saved from the fire).  He was beatified in 1374 by Pope Eugenio IV, and canonized on April 22nd, 1629 by Pope Urban VIII.  His body now rests at Florence in the Carmelite Church, and is looked on with great reverence by the citizens even today.

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