St. Elijah
July 20th

St. Elijah


There is so much to be written about this Prophet – More will be posted here soon.  For now:

The prophet Elijah originated from Tishbe in Transjordania.  He lived in the ninth century before Christ.  He appears in Scripture as a man of God who lived always in his presence and fought zealously for the worship of the one true God. He heard the voice of the Lord telling him to go and hide himself and drink of the stream and that ravens would feed him there.  He did as he was told; and thus he was chosen by God to lead the people back to Him. 

 He defended God’s law in a solemn contest on Mount Carmel, and afterwards was given an intimate experience of the living God on Mount Horeb. The prophet listened for the Lord to pass by and found Him, not in an earthquake or fire, but in a gentle breeze.

 Elijah’s prayers are direct and clear.  He is confident in the power of the one true God.  The inspiration that was found in him from the very beginnings of the Order so pervades its whole history that the prophet may deservedly be called the founder of the Carmelite ideal.

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1 Response to Elijah

  1. I love Elijah. His mission was not easy. He was so alone! So alone that to keep safe from those who wanted to kill him, and that was most everyone, ravens had to feed him.

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