Elizabeth of the Trinity

Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity
November 8th


Elizabeth Catez was born July 18th 1880 in Campo d’Avor near Bourges, France, and was baptized four days later. In 1887, her family moved to Dijon where her father died the same year. On April 19th 1890, she made her First Communion and the following year, was confirmed. In 1894, she took a vow of virginity. Feeling called to enter the religious life, she asked permission of her mother to enter Carmel but she received a firm refusal, and her mother only finally gave way on condition that Elizabeth waited until she was older. On August 2nd 1901, she entered the Carmel at Dijon where she was clothed in the habit on December 8th, 1901. She made her religious profession on January 11th 1903 and January 21st the same year she was given the monastic veil. The five years that she spent in religious life brought her ever closer to God although the Lord tested her with many spiritual trials and severe physical suffering due to Addison’s disease which finally brought about her death on Nov. 9th 1906.

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