Updated 07-12-2010

On July 11th 2010, by God’s Grace, I Professed my Temporary Vows as a Third Order Carmelite. 

I’ve been on this journey to Carmel since 2003, although as I look back over my 40 some years, I can see several places in my life that in reality served as preparations for this journey of faith.  I am a Carmelite ‘in training’.  I will always be in training, for the Carmelite spirituality is a deep brook from which to drink.

If you are here, I suspect that has God led you here and has something in mind for you to read. 

I will be dilligent to always try to stay in conformance to church teaching, and any conflict is purely unintentional.  I concede to the teachings of the church and the Order of Carmel in all matters.

Blessings –

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  1. I have been thinking of becoming a Third Order for several years. The Carmelites seem to be a good match for me, but what do I know? Where do I begin?

    • Dvora OCDS says:

      Angela, the Canon Law of the Church governs all Third Orders or Secular Orders. The Third Order of the Ancient Observance (T.O.Carm.) and the Discalced Carmelite Secular Order (OCDS) are both governed by the Friars to whom they are bound or linked. Neither have any juridical connection to the cloistered nuns or apostolic congregations of women religious. All are part of the larger family of Carmel, however. Normally, in order to become a member of a Secular Order or a Third Order, one must visit a local community, attend a prescribed number of monthly meetings, and make a formal application to begin formation in order to become a member. Formation – from “postulancy to final promise” – usually takes about five years at least. Different communities belonging to different Orders have some discretion in lengthening specific phases of the formation process. Where to begin? Start with your own diocese; is there a T.O.Carm.or OCDS community that meets within your diocesan boundaries? If not, is there a community in a neighboring diocese to which you would be willing to drive?

  2. Aya Sophia says:

    What a beautiful site! Thank you . . .

  3. Victor says:

    I am looking for small oxidized medals for St Edith Stein and Bl Mary of the Incarnation. Do you have any idea where I can get them?

  4. erika serafini says:

    Hi!! I’d like to know who is the author of the following image published on your blog:

    Title: Institution of the Eucharist – Last Supper

    I’d like to know too, if we can edit this picture on our catechesis magazine.

    I wait for your answer.
    Thanks a lot.

    Erika Serafini

    • thirdordercarmelite says:

      Hi! I really don’t know. It was given to me some time ago, but there is nothing on it to indicate where it is from.

      Yes – you may use it, thank you for asking.

  5. Angela says:

    On August 22nd I had a dream, and the young boy or man in my dream told me his name was Angelo, I was at a place I did not know, it was a dock of sorts I believe, there was water and a boat and I remember stairs down from the water and up to the surface, this is where he came to me, he gave me a book and said read this, but I do not know now what book it was, there was also a woman near by, who looked at me and I her, she wore a white gown, but I do not remember if she spoke to me or I with her. Angelo remarked on a certain subject of personal nature, I did not realize what this dream meant until just recently while watching a movie on religious matters, I then got online and discovered Saint Angelo and also found a photo of the exact place I had been in my dream. I know now that I must know more about the Carmelite order and all that is connected with it.

  6. thirdordercarmelite says:

    Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing your experience. It always fascinates me to hear the different ways people have come to Carmel. I would like to hear more about your journey.

    You’ve given me an idea for another page or two to put on this site. So watch for them – I’ll put a new post when they’re ready.

    I haven’t figured out an easy way yet to notify readers of changes here. This blogging thing is still fairly new to me. In the meantime, please bookmark the main page https://thirdordercarmelite.wordpress.com/ and check back often.

  7. Bernadette Wolff says:

    Can I travel with you and can we be bonded in Carmel? I have an interesting story to tell you about how I came to begin attending meetings. On July 15th of last year, I had double mastectomy, bled out and almost died but just in the nick of time, I was returned to the OR to control the bleed. I had a brown scapular with me when I went in for surgery. It was lost when I came out of the OR. I spent several days in ICU but when I arrived home, I had an inordinate desire to find out whose fest day was on the 16th of July because I intuitively knew that I owed my life to that sweet soul. I soon discovered it was Our Lady of Mount Carmel who saved my life and asked me to pursue Her cause. Other such similar incidents have subsequently occurred as well, all uniquely bent towards Carmelite saints.

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