Teresa Margaret Redi of the Sacred Heart

St. Teresa Margaret Redi
Of the Sacred Heart
September 1st
Teresa Margaret Redi of the Sacred Heart


Also known as Anne Mary Redi, Ann Maria Redi, Teresa Margaret of the Sacred Heart . Anne Mary Redi was born July 15, 1747 at Arezzo in Italy of Tuscan nobility, the daughter of Count Ignatius Redi and Camilla Billeti. Pious child who saw God in all things, and who was confused to learn that not everyone knew that God loved them.

In September 1763 she received a message from Saint Teresa of Jesus advising her to become a Carmelite. She went home to Arezzo at age 17, but returned to Florence almost immediately. She became a Discalced Carmelite, joining the convent of Saint Teresa on September 1, 1764, and taking the name Teresa Margaret of the Sacred Heart. Received the veil on March 11, 1765, and made her final vows on March 12, 1766.

On March 7, 1770, in Florence, Italy at the age of 23, she died after 18 hours of agony from a severe and painful abdominical disorder; post-mortem, all the swelling and discoloration in her body disappeared, her body was incorrupt several weeks later, had a healthy glow, and exuded an odor of perfume. The incorrupt body of St. Theresa Margaret lies in a glass coffin in the monastery chapel where she once entered as a bride.

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