Maria Pilar, Teresa and Maria Angeles – Martyrs of Guadalajara, Spain

Bls. Maria Pilar, Teresa and Maria Angeles – (d. 1936)
(Martyrs of Guadalajara, Spain)
Virgins & Martyrs
July 24th

Martyrs of Guadalajara Spain

Discalced Carmelite nuns of the Monastery of Guadalajara, Spain.  They were executed for the faith on July 24th 1936, during the opression of the Church in Mexico.

After having given witness to their faith in Christ the King they offered their lives for the Church. The first fruits of the countless martyrs of the Spanish Civil War of 1936-1939, they were beatified by Pope John Paul II on March 29th, 1987.

Maria Pilar of St. Francis Borgia

Born Jacoba Martinez Garcia at Tarazona (Zaragoza) on December 30th, 1877.  
She entered the Carmelite cloister at Guadalajara on October 12, 1898, taking vows the following year.  

Teresa of the Child Jesus and of St. John of the Cross

Born on March 5th, 1909. 
She was offered her freedom if she denied Christ, the Church, and the Carmel.  She refused and was slain.

Maria Angeles of St. Joseph

Born Eusebia Garcia y Garcia in Mochales on March 5, 1909. 
She entered the Carmel of Guadalajara on July 14, 1929 at age sixteen and made her first profession in 1926.  She was arrested by Communist forces at Guadalajara and was killed by gunfire on July 24, 1936.

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4 Responses to Maria Pilar, Teresa and Maria Angeles – Martyrs of Guadalajara, Spain

  1. anna rose says:

    Thank you for the info on these blesseds. Please reread your short biographical info above. There are spelling and grammatical errors. As a Language Arts teacher, it bothers me that something that hundreds or thousands of other people are going to read is incorrect in so many places. Thanks you for your apostolate of maintaining this site.

  2. rebekah says:

    I am not sure where the reference to Mexico comes into this story. All the nuns were Spanish, and the action involved happened in Spain.

    • thirdordercarmelite says:

      It was just as a point of reference. But to answer your question, Mexico was involved in the Spanish Civil War. Mexico furnished $2mm in aid and provided some material assistance, which included a small amount of American-made aircraft.

      The Red Terror in Spain was from the Vatican perspective only one part of a Terrible Triangle of Red Terror, whose goal was the eradication of religion, involving Mexico and the Soviet Union as well.

      Wikipedia has more information on Mexico’s involvement in the Spanish Civil War, or a Google search can provide quite a bit of information.

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