John Soreth

Bl. John Soreth – (1394-1471)
July 28th

John Soreth

John Soreth was born near Caen in Normandy in 1394 and entered the Carmelite house there as a young man. Ordained priest around 1417, he became a doctor of theology in Paris in 1438 and served as regent of studies there. He was Provincial of the French Province from 1440-1451 and Prior General of the Order from 1451 until his death. He restored observance within the Order and promoted its reform, wrote a famous commentary on the Rule, issued new constitutions in 1462.

Among his other activities was the encouragement and establishment of the Carmelite nuns, especially following the papal bull “Cum Nulla” of Nicholas V issued in 1452. In particular, he supported the foundations in Northern Europe made by Blessed Frances d’Amboise, whom he himself clothed in the Carmelite habit. In addition – as a result of the same papal bull – he was instrumental in the development of the Lay Carmelite Third Order. He died of natural causes at Angers on the July 25th, 1471.

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