Aloysius Rabata

Bl. Aloysius Rabata (c1443-1490) – Priest
Feast Day – May 8th

Aloysius Rabata

Born at Erice, near Trapani, Sicily, probably in 1443, Bl. Aloysius Rabatà entered the Order of Carmel at the Annunziata convent in Trapani at an early age. He was appointed prior of the Carmelite community of St. Michael in the town of Randazzo. He lived on bread and water alone and was a model of virtue. Even though he was prior, he shared in every task, going door to door in Randazzo to beg for grain or other needs. Other poor people would in turn ask alms from him, knowing they would never be refused.

He died in Randazzo in 1490. According to tradition, he was mortally wounded in the head by an arrow after having denounced the extravagant dress of a local lord. Aloysius pardoned his attacker but refused to reveal his name.

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