Alfonso Maria Mazurek

Bl. Alfonso Maria Mazurek – (1891 – 1944)
Priest and Martyr
June 12th

Alfonso Maria Mazurek

Born in Poland on March 1st, 1891. He studied hard in seminary school throughout his youth, and then joined the Carmelite order in 1912. He continued his studies, growing spiritually and mentally. His organizational ability was renowned, and he was set in charge of the Minor Seminary. In 1930 he was elected Prior for the Czerna Monastery. Here he took on the responsibility of the choir program, which flourished under his guidance.

 On the August 24th, 1944, however, this all changed. Nazis took over the monastery, killing resistants and forcing the rest to dig ditches. Mazurek was seperated from the rest and tortured. Later he was taken on a dirt path via a military car. He was kicked out and forced to walk a fair distance. After walking, the Nazis shouted at him. Turning around, he was shot at and mortally wounded. The guards approached him, kicked him, and filled his mouth with dirt. Some of his brothers came from digging ditches and happened upon him: he was given absolution shortly before his death. The date was August 28th, vigil of the Martydom of St. John the Baptist, of whom Mazurek was particularly devoted.


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