February 1st – Bl. Mother Candelaria of St. Joseph (1863-1940)

Bl. Mother Candelaria of St. Joseph
(1863 – 1940) – Religious
Also Known As: Mother Candlemas of St. Joseph
Mother Candlemas of San Jose

Mother Candlemas of St. Joseph 

Born Susana Paz-Castillo Ramírez in 1863 in Altagracia de Orituco, in the State of Guarico, Venezuela to Francisco de Paula Paz Castillo and María del Rosario Ramírez.  Her father was an honest, deeply Christian man with a great heart. Her mother was a pious woman, a hard and honest worker. She and Don Francisco offered their children the best education the circumstances of their lives allowed. Susana’s father died when she was 7 years old and the family gradually lost all they had.  Her mother died on December 24, 1887 when Susana was 24.  Susana took charge of the family, which in addition to her siblings also included cousins and some of her mother’s godchildren.

 In 1903 two doctors at Altagracia founded St. Anthony’s Hospital, and the parish priest, Fr. Sixto Sosa, encouraged Susana…

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2 Responses to February 1st – Bl. Mother Candelaria of St. Joseph (1863-1940)

  1. Wonderful to have found you. I hopped over from Mount Carmel blog. I love to connect with other Seculars. Your site has a ton of info and I will be back to visit : )
    I hope you will stop and visit sometime. Blessings in Carmel…

    • thirdordercarmelite says:

      Thank you –
      I’ve been to your site – wonderful. It’s been awhile though, I’ll visit again soon.

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