New Bio Added – Fr. Alberto Maria Marco Alemàn and 8 companions – Carmelite Castilian Martyrs

Fr. Alberto Maria Marco
(Alberto Maria)
b. May 23, 1894
Age 42

Vicente y Vicente
(Adalberto Maria)
b. April 23, 1916
Age 20
Reguilon Lobato
(Angelo Maria)
b. June 1, 1917
Age 19

Garcia Anton
(Aurelio Maria)
b. August 14, 1916
Age 20

Garcia Anton
(Daniel Maria)
b. December 11, 1913
Age 22
Perez y Perez
(Francisco Maria)
b. January 30, 1917
Age 19
Sanchez Rodriguez
(Angel Maria)
b. August 2, 1918
Age 18

Andres Vecilla
(Bartolome Fanti Maria)
b. August 26, 1917
Age 18

Villanueva Gonzalez
(Silvano Maria)
b. February 6, 1916
Age 20

See “Profiles in Holiness Volume 3” by Redemptus Valabek for more information and individual biographies of these martyrs.

 The Spanish Civil War (The Red Terror) raged from July 17, 1936 to April 1, 1939.  Especially in the early months of the conflict, individual clergymen and entire religious communities were executed by leftists, which included communists and anarchists. Society at the time had a low esteem for priests and religious, and the government was bent on eliminating religion. The death toll of the clergy alone included…   read more…


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