Bl. Alfonso Maria Mazurek -and- Bl. Hilary Januszewski – June 12th

Alfonso Maria Mazurek

 Bl. Alfonso Maria Mazurek – (1891-1944) – Priest/Martyr

Born in Poland on March 1st, 1891. He studied hard in seminary school throughout his youth, and then joined the Carmelite order in 1912. He continued his studies, growing spiritually and  … more… 



Hilary Januszewski

 Bl. Hilary Januszewski – (1907-1945) –

Born June 11th, 1907 in Krajenki, Poland and was given the name of Pawel. He received a Christian education from his parents, Martin and Marianne. He attended the college in Greblin, and then continued his studies at …more… 


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