Beautification of Angelo Paoli Today – April 25th 2010

Angelo Paoli will be beatified in Rome at the basilica of St. John Lateran today, April 25th, 2010. The process for beatification began in 1927.

Born at Argigliano, Tuscany, Sept 1, 1642; died at Rome, January 17, 1720. The son of Angelo Paoli and Santa Morelli, he was particularly distinguished for his charity towards the poor. As a young man he spent the greater part of his leisure time in teaching Catholic doctrine to the poor children of Argigliano. At eighteen, he was admitted to the novitiate of the Calced Carmelites at Siena. After making his vows he spent six years at his studies, was ordained priest, and…

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One Response to Beautification of Angelo Paoli Today – April 25th 2010

  1. F-G de Cambolas says:

    Préparant une biographie du P. Ange de Cambolas élu en 1704 Général de l’ Ordre des Carmes dont il était auparavant Procureur général ,je souhaiterai entrer en contact avec le Postulateur de la cause de Béatification du Bienheureux Angelo Paoli ,où puis je adresser ma lettre ? un grand merci par avance .

    (rough translation: Preparing a biography of the P. Ange of Cambolas elected in 1704 General about the Carmelite friars of which he was Public prosecutor before, I will wish to come into contact with Postulateur of the cause of Beatification of Happy Angelo Paoli, where then I to address my letter? Many advance thanks)

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