What’s Next?

– J M J –

Soon all the Carmelite Saint and Blesseds biographies will be online.  I will continue to expand on them as I discover more information about each one.   So I started to think about what’s next?  What project can I start to add more information to this site? 

There are other Carmelite Saints and Blesseds that are no longer celebrated on the calendar.  I’ll compile a list of those and whatever information can be found on them.  Let me know if I’m mising any.

Besides that, the next likely project will be to compile bio’s on the Carmelite Venerables, and Servants of God of which there are somewhere in the vicinity of 80 names.  Not much is known about many of them, and for others there is a great deal of information.  I’ll put toghether whatever I can find.  The main page with all of their names is here Carmelite Venerables and Servants of God.  And eventually, anyone I can find anything on will have their own page.

I welcome any information you may have or recommended reading you would suggest on any of these little known Carmelites. 

In Carmel,

Carmelite Shield

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