Holy Hour of Adoration


In January of this year, I finally gave in to God’s call to keep a Holy Hour of Adoration.  He had been calling me for some time, and I knew it.  Then one weekend, a friend suggested I sign up, and the following day at Mass, Father made an appeal in the homily for Adorers.  On the way out, another friend suggested I sign up – and so I finally agreed.

It was one of the best decisions I’ve made in the past few years.  I wish now I had taken the step years ago.  I am the guardian of the Eucharist (I heard someone refer to Adoration this way, and it is a wonderful description) on Saturday mornings, and I’ve come to realize it is a wonderful way to start the weekend.  I have such joy the rest of the day; an inner joy, and when I reflect back on my time with the Lord during the day, a gentle smile usually graces my lips.

For anyone who has thought of visiting our Lord in Adoration, I highly recommend you do so.  I used to think that it had to be an entire hour or nothing, and so, rarely went.  I was embarassed to only stay for fifteen minutes or so.  After signing up, and committing to an hour once a week, I’ve seen many people come and go and noticed that the majority of people who come, come for only a few minutes.  Some people I see every week, and others only occasionally.  But even if they only have a few minutes, they stop and give it to Him.  Of course, in most places, if you sign up, it is usually for an hour.  But it’s not necessary to sign up in order to make a visit to an Adoration Chapel. 

And, for me, the hour passes quickly.  There’s been times I’ve stayed for more than an hour just to remain in His presence for a little longer.  There are so many things you can do during Adoration.  Read  scripture and meditate on it, Pray the Rosary or the  Liturgy of the Hours, read a little out of a spiritual classic and meditate on a small reading, Lectio Divina.  Make sure you leave a little time to just sit silently and talk with Him, or most importantly, listen to Him.  The important thing is to spend some time, before our Lord, and find out what is His plan for your life.  There is a tremendous peace in hearing His voice.

To find a Church or Chapel near you that offers Adoration – visit:

Real Presence Eucharistic Education and Adoration Association

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