No time lately…

Not much time lately to do any writing.  Today, I’m finishing up the newsletter I publish for my Third Order Carmelite community.  If I don’t finish it today, I’ll never get them printed in time for our meeting next week. 

I will be writing more soon.  I’m sure I’ll have plenty to write after our community meeting.  I’m usually in a reflective, writing mood afterwards.  The meetings are always such a blessing. 

I’ll also be posting some of my reflections from my Minister of Care Journal.  A couple of months ago, I started taking the Eucharist to the hospital patients near my home.  Another blessing!  Here I thought that it would be a blessing for the patients – and I’m sure ithas been.  But little did I know that I would feel like I get more out of it than the patients!

So – here’s the plan for getting this blog up to date.  Here’s some ‘history’ I hope to post here.

  • My path back to the Catholic Church 10 years ago (after almost 30 years away)
  • My journey into the Carmelite Third Order
  • Reflections on being a Minister of Care / Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist at the hospital
  • Information pages for all the Carmelite Saints and Blesseds listed on the Carmelite Feast Days page
  • Information on the Third Order Carmelites
  • Carmelite Spirituality
  • Carmelite History

Anybody else have any suggestions?  Please leave a comment with your suggestions.

Christmas Blessings!

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One Response to No time lately…

  1. Bernadette Wolff says:

    I’m a Third Order Carmelite aspirant and I find your blog very interesting. Please keep me posted when there is anything new appearing.

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